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Getting a project done is just half the part of the task. Another biggest and most talent-oriented task is realizing the Commerical part out of the task. The entire industry is driven by the principle of maximizing profit without compromising quality and ethics. A Project without financial gain is futile and will not drive the industry onward. 

The entire financial structure of a project is driven by multiple factors like cost of material, labor cost, overhead, engineering cost, the timeline of execution, and cash flow. Quantity surveyors play a pivotal role in the financial planning and control of a project. A Quantity Surveyor is a synonym for Financial Planner/Controller/Auditor elsewhere. It is often mistaken as a profession of raising bills for a job done in contrast with its original scope which is "Control the lifeline of the Project". This requires quantity surveyors to have certain exquisite skills to get the tasks done on time.

Quantity Surveying is one of the professions that has a higher demand in the Construction Industry in the World.

The profession branches into many other areas and to choose the appropriate route, it is essential to understand the basics of Quantity Surveying.

This course is structured in a manner to provide knowledge to anyone who has enthusiasm about the profession.

You will get trained and discuss with industrial experts throughout the course duration.

Our course is designed to extensively cover all topics as below

What do you receive ?

Candidates will be provided with live projects and certificates will be issued based on their performance in the project. 


 Engineers of any discipline with 0 years of experience 

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