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Project Management Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling 

One of the most significant papers in the entire planning, monitoring, and implementation of a project is the project management plan. After comprehensive research and feedback from the project team and key stakeholders, the Project Manager prepares the project management plan (PMP) during the NPMS Planning Phase. The goal of this document is to outline how the project team will carry out, monitor, and control the project. It explains how the Project Management Team will handle the project's management.

Integration, scope, time, cost, quality, risk, procurement, human resource, and communications management, as well as an extra Information Management Knowledge Area, constitute the foundation of the project management plan. The Knowledge Areas are further customized to reflect the project's details as well as the policy and regulatory environment of the Department and the Government of Canada. This customizing is especially noticeable in the knowledge areas of quality, risk, procurement, and human resource management. Some of these knowledge categories, such as a Resource Management Plan, may be prepared as independent papers for bigger projects.

The strategy is fleshed up with project-specific specifics. Major material such as project roles and responsibilities, key deliverables, schedule and cost management methods, requirements collection and management, milestones, assumptions, and so on are all included.

At the project management plan approval control point, the project management plan is approved.


Engineers of any discipline with 0 years of experience

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