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The electrical system is a sensitive and complex network reaching a tipping point across industries, from modern transportation to sophisticated industrial machines that can now contain different types of electrical components. The electrical systems of these machines contain multiple networks, hundreds of motors, transformers, various loads, and sensing equipment, It is very important to properly plan design, manufacture, install and commission the electrical system as per the defined domestic and international standards. 

Numerous challenges are being faced in the industry day by day. For each of the problems, there are the best viable solutions that can be offered. The duration of the course will have a deep walk-through aligning towards the common industrial problems and how to recognize and build the network model being as a true industrial perspective. 

Starting from the basic understanding of what is treated as a load in power system aspects? How various loads in the industrial systems are classified? Differentiate a crane load and a pump load Loads based on their behavior. Various types like Constant impedance, KVA, and power factor loads. It is always essential to understand what makes it important to study the load properties. 

You will be taken through some of the common scenarios where every electrical engineer should have a crystal clear ideology. 

E.g., If we have load data from the plant but don’t have a detailed load model and load properties, How will we model my loads in the power system study?

How to handle domestic loads and industrial loads?

If we are analyzing a power distribution network for a complete township, how shall we plan the studies? What kind of tools are preferred and what standards to be referred to and followed?

How can an electrical engineer make a meaningful recommendation to customers that are both technically and commercially viable?

Being a consumer from a local utility company, how can an engineer address a frequent low voltage problem at my terminals?

How does power quality maters for an industrial customer? What is the importance of receiving good quality power?

You will get trained and discuss with industrial experts throughout the course duration.

Our course is designed to extensively cover all topics as below

What do you receive?

Candidates will be provided with live projects and certificates will be issued based on their performance in the project. 


Electrical Engineers with 4+ years experience in any Electrical System

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