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L R Sharma

L R Sharma

Director-Building Services- Ayesa Asia

“ Only proper industrial training and exposure along with education can make you an industry-ready Electrical Engineer. The training methodology of APSESE can make a huge difference for young Engineers"

Shefi Ahmed

Shefi Ahmed

Asst Manager- Engineering, Danway EME, UAE

"Young & aspiring Engineers can benefit from this unique concept and methodology of training. The concise package is sufficient to transform a student into a professional engineer."



A leading company in the electrical industry manufactures that carry, combine and protect systems and materials conductive over the line from power plants to the sockets at houses. 

Manufacture in this industry started in 1980 under the name Gersan Ticaret. From 1985 onwards, it went into business under the name GERSAN A.Ş. and had an experience spanning 26 years. 

their main fields of operations are the manufacture of Busbar transmission and Distribution systems, Cable support systems, Grounding and Lightning prevention systems, spark gap arresters, main and intermediate distribution plates, elevated type cable supports and bauds, ventilation systems, support elements, various cable combinations, disconnect, connect and support elements, cable and pipe tagging systems, special conveyors that must be applied at any kind of projects, steel construction combination and fixation systems required for power transmission lines, Mechanical conveyor systems, Building, Industrial plants, Car factories, Airports, Oil-Gas refineries, Malls, platform grills and fixation to concrete systems.


REMCO is the leading provider of electromechanical works in the UAE. As an organization, they’re dedicated to giving you the very best of service, with a focus on reliability, expert workmanship, and custom-tailored solutions.

Founded in 1990, REMCO has come a long way since its early days. their history has built us into the in-depth and highly specialized service team that they are today. REMCO staff members are experts in electrical systems, air conditioning, plumbing, and fire fighting works. they have helped many clients to achieve their electro-mechanical goals and pride themselves on being a company that delivers a leading service in terms of both customer relations and finished products within their industry.


LIGHT FLUX is experienced designers and customer-driven lighting solutions. their innovative value engineering approach selects the most precise alternative from a variety of product options to minimize material and operating costs while optimizing lighting performance. their staff possesses the expertise necessary to take on complex and nuanced projects and value engineering the workflow to maximize efficiency and transparency. Additionally, they adhere to global safety and efficiency standards that are reshaping the future.